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Dianna is a member of the WBENC, National Speakers Association NSA, Certified Speaking Professional CSP, and the Speakers Roundtable

Keynotes & Breakouts

Business and personal success begin with effective communication and personal productivity. As researcher and author of 45 books with major US publishers, Dianna Booher can help your audience achieve that success. Her more than 2,550 proven techniques and strategies will enable your audiences to communicate with impact, establish their credibility, build successful relationships at work and at home, improve their work habits, manage their deluge of information, and create a feeling of personal balance and meaning in their lives. Tell Dianna your objectives for your audience, and she will work with you to select the specific, practical ideas most appropriate for your group.

Keynote Topics

  • Creating Executive Presence: Communicate with Confidence® in the C-Suite
  • 10 Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know: Communication Clues and Cues for Rave Reviews
  • Communicate with Confidence®
  • Strategic Writing®: Quick, Clear, Concise
  • The Gender Communication Gap: "Did You Hear What I Think I Said?"
  • Get a Life Without Sacrificing Your Career: How to Find Balance and Increase Productivity

Breakouts and Seminars

Do you get too many confusing emails? Do reports run on for pages without giving the appropriate information to take action or make a decision? Do meetings waste endless hours? Do oral presenters drone on in monotones and stumble through mediocre messages? Do people fail to listen to each other? Do team meetings bog down for lack of leadership? Do teams clash over gender communication issues? Do customers walk away because service reps interact with the personality of a duffle bag?

If you answered yes to any of these issues, review the sessions below to see how Dianna Booher can teach your organization to change those situations.

Communication and personal productivity involve both general principles and specific, immediately-usable techniques and ideas. In Dianna's breakouts and seminars, your audience will gain the know-how to evaluate both the style and substance of their business and personal communications and work habits. These sessions cover the entire spectrum of written, oral, and interpersonal communication--all of which lead to improved productivity and better client, customer, and coworker relationships.

Breakout and Seminar Topics

  • Strategic Writing®: Quick, Clear, Concise
  • Email Matters™
  • Listening Until You Really Hear
  • Selling Across Gender Lines
  • Persuasive Proposals That Win Big Contracts: Nine Common Mistakes That May Cost You Mega-Money
  • Persuasive Sales Presentations
  • Resolving Conflict

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